Briefly introduction of how Zeno World mechanic features included

I. Game Flow combines with current New World Universe (S & N Planets) and old DBALL Universe

II. Some important features players need to understand about Zeno World

1️⃣ All of our current NFT types (D.Char, S.Char, N.Char, Mystic Eggs, Partner NFTs, Claws & Armors) can be transformed into NFTs used in Zeno World to play and earn $DBS.

2️⃣ Zeno Token (ZBALL) can be used to fuel a Spaceship by converting SBALL/NBALL to ZBALL at a 10:1 ratio.

3️⃣ Amors and Gloves (Items - DBI) will be exchanged for Spaceship.

4️⃣ Majin Girl, Chuchu, Pulma,... opened from Mystic Egg. will become warriors on Spaceship called Angel NFT

6️⃣ Spaceship & Angel must be formed in a CREW and sign CREW CONTRACT to be able to go on conquering and earn.

7️⃣ There will be DBS Oracle feed by Chainlink which can be used to balance the investment and reward of players paid in $DBS with equivalent USD value.

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