How to Earn?

How to Earn $DBS in Zeno World

You will need to have built a crew in order to CONQUER new planets. The rarity of your angels determines your Ki Power which in turn defines the furthest planet you can conquer.

Min KP required to create a Crew is 50 KP.

Crews will be able to conquer planet only one time daily. At 00:00 UTC, all crews stamina will be reset and able to go on new conquer.


The rewards given to players for after conquer the planets will scale in relation to the level of their crew, as well as the Planet you conquer. An oracle has been implemented to maintain the USD value of the rewards, which also prevents the reward pool from being drained rapidly way.

Early Withdraw Fee

There is a 50% early withdrawal fee when claiming your rewards at $DBS, this fee will be reduced by 10% once every 24 hours, and so on until it reaches 0% and you can withdraw tax-free.

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