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We opened new map with different item types required each map

How to play CryptoDrakeBall in new updated Map

We have seen three options appear on the map at the opening: Arena - Drake Claw - Namek Defense.

Each map has its own requirement. For example: you will need claws in Claw Map and amors at Namek Defense.

  • On the Arena stage, we still can join the battle with the Characters only without item required. But the reward now is significantly dropped and there will be no bonus.

Drake Claws

  • In the Drake Claw stage, we may equip our warrior with an item called Claw to increase his strength and get more rewards. Please keep in mind that there is no limit to the number of Claws that can be equipped for 1 Hero. For example:

  • You have 1 Claw and can get 0,18 DBALL/fight. If you selected 10 Claws at once and get 1,8 DBALL/fight. And it costs you only 3 stamina of the Characters.

Here’s what happens when you use Hero Rare 1 combine with 2 Claw Rare 6 weapons to fight an enemy that has a 90% chance of winning.

Namek Defense

  • In the Namek Defense level, players need Armor type Item to participate in this planet. Only Armor item is allowed here. If you does not own the Armor item, you cannot get in a fight here. The price of Armor will also be different and the Bonus reward will also be higher than Claw.

  • Users can choose multiple Armor equipped for their Warriors and fight at once. It’s the same rule as Claw. Only 3 stamina of character each fight but x10 rewards if you chose 10 Armors.

⚠️ Important note:

The number of warriors is limited to four (at most four), but the number of items is infinite. As a result, players may make the most of their stamina when using combine as much as equipment to battle. For example : 1 Warrior combine with 3–4 or more items to combat at once.

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