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Important notes from AMAs by DrakeBall Super

🚨AMA DBS Global 24th Nov
🚨AMA DBS Viet Nam Summary 26th Nov
🚨AMA DBS Hong Hot Crypto
1️⃣🚩 About #DBS, #SBALL, #NBALL,... We will have a repurchase mechanism with a specific redemption amount every time the price drops x%.
For example, each time the price drops by 3%, we will buy back a total of 1% LP to offset the price (details are not official, just samples).
2️⃣🚩 Second Utility: All Planet tokens will be converted to Zeno World tokens at the same rate in Planet Z. Third utility of x BALL tokens (x represents names) of the planet). Used as fuel for your Troops (built by our DBS Collectible NFT models from Mystic Eggs) to conquer other Planets.
You can imagine the New Game in Zeno World similar to Cryptomine, and the NFT from the Mystic Egg (Majin Girl, Chuchu, Pulma,... ) will be the warriors needed to conquer other Planets in the Universe pillar.
3️⃣🚩 sBALL = FUEL, nNFT = FOOD, xNFT = AMMO (sample), so xNFT will be used
▶️ That is exactly what we are doing and detailed documentation will be released soon due to complexity its.
▶️ All NFTs opened from our Mystic eggs will be used. Different models to form a team will give the highest strength to your Army.
4️⃣🚩 SBALL can't die, because we split into many planets, each token planet will have different use cases later
▶️ Help decentralize power for all users in Zeno World.
5️⃣🚩 Claws and Amor will be changed to SpaceShip coming soon.
6️⃣🚩 We contacted many KOLs but we wanted to release the review video once Zeno World has released so they can review our complete circle.
1️⃣🚩 Zeno Map is a brand new game developed by our team as a Metaverse game which will have the following features:
  • Characters from all planets before being able to get there then play. You can see Gouken, Vegeta, Android 17, Porunga, Wukong, Maruko, Naruto, Angels Whis,... as the characters there.
  • Zeno World will be built on Cross Chain to allow gamers play on multiple chains.
  • Oracle based: Reward and NFT minting cost will be calculated based on USD value converted to DBS and feed according to Chainlink data.
  • NFT Warrior used in Zeno World will be our DBS Collectibles NFT (Majin Girl, ChuChu, Pulma...). Score = Conquer Power to conquer in other Planets in Zeno World.
  • There will be a Spaceship NFT that will combine the NFT Warriors into a team on the Spaceship and go to conquer other planets in the Universe. The farther the planet, the higher the reward, but also the higher the difficulty to conquer.
  • SBALL or NBALL or ...xBALLs all will be used as Fuel for Spaceship to move in Zeno Map.
  • Token reward will be DBS.
2️⃣🚩 All planet tokens (SBALL/NBALL...) can be converted to Zeno Token (ZBALL) at 10:1 ratio
  • DBS has revenue from our sale of NFTs in NFT collections. As we said above, Majin Girl or ChuChu or Pulma are required to play in the Zeno Map, so the sales allocation of those NFTs which we collected by BUSD will be used to buyback DBS and other xBALL tokens. Only Majin Girl has Airdrop Campaign, from ChuChu to the final Model of NFT Collection all needs purchasing.
  • DBS will be used to Mint Spaceship NFT in Zeno World.
  • DBS will be used to sign an Army lease (including Spaceships, Warriors like Majin Girl on Spaceships).
  • DBS will be used to stake or farm with DBS-BNB LP on our Farming page to earn DBS which will be released later.
  • DBS will be used as a breeding fee on every planet.
1️⃣ There will be no more planets to be released until Zeno World
2️⃣ Zeno Token can be used to fuel a Spaceship by converting SBALL/NBALL to Zeno Token at a 10:1 ratio.
3️⃣Amors and Gloves will be exchanged for Spaceship.
4️⃣Majin Girl, Chuchu... will become Spaceship warriors.
5️⃣All D-NFT, S-NFT, N-NFT can be swapped to Spaceship warriors.
6️⃣Spaceship can hold up to 10 warriors and battle to earn $DBS.
7️⃣There will be DBS Oracle - Rule the Universe which can be used to balance reward (Stable income for user)