🔆Important notes from AMAs by DrakeBall Super

1️⃣🚩 About #DBS, #SBALL, #NBALL,... We will have a repurchase mechanism with a specific redemption amount every time the price drops x%.

For example, each time the price drops by 3%, we will buy back a total of 1% LP to offset the price (details are not official, just samples).

2️⃣🚩 Second Utility: All Planet tokens will be converted to Zeno World tokens at the same rate in Planet Z. Third utility of x BALL tokens (x represents names) of the planet). Used as fuel for your Troops (built by our DBS Collectible NFT models from Mystic Eggs) to conquer other Planets.

You can imagine the New Game in Zeno World similar to Cryptomine, and the NFT from the Mystic Egg (Majin Girl, Chuchu, Pulma,... ) will be the warriors needed to conquer other Planets in the Universe pillar.

3️⃣🚩 sBALL = FUEL, nNFT = FOOD, xNFT = AMMO (sample), so xNFT will be used

▶️ That is exactly what we are doing and detailed documentation will be released soon due to complexity its.

▶️ All NFTs opened from our Mystic eggs will be used. Different models to form a team will give the highest strength to your Army.

4️⃣🚩 SBALL can't die, because we split into many planets, each token planet will have different use cases later

▶️ Help decentralize power for all users in Zeno World.

5️⃣🚩 Claws and Amor will be changed to SpaceShip coming soon.

6️⃣🚩 We contacted many KOLs but we wanted to release the review video once Zeno World has released so they can review our complete circle.

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