Players can use their Heroes NFTs to fight in the Arena tab of the Dapp.

Fights are an on-chain transaction that takes the power values of the chosen character and chosen enemy, and compares the calculated rolls to determine if the player wins or loses.

🔥Fighting in Arena🔥

Combat serves as the primary source for achieving DBALL through the use of your Drake Claws NFTs and characters.

Combat consists of the player choosing a Hero and a Drake Claws (if this feature released), and selecting enemies from a random group based on your power calculation system.

After the player has chosen their enemy, the contract calculates your odds of winning against the opponent.

4 Options to choose enemies with different Win rate and different Reward:

• Option 1: 90% win rate

• Option 2: 70% win rate

• Option 3: 50% win rate

• Option 4: 30% win rate

A winning battle will pay your character experience bonus and DBALL reward to your wallet. The lower the win rate, the higher the reward.

A loss results in a loss of gas fees paid

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