We have made a Token swap from old Drakeball (DBALL) token to new Drakeball Super (DBS) We have updated a migration from old token to our new token: 🔻[OLD] Token name: Drakeball

🔻[OLD] Token symbol: DBALL

🔻[OLD] Contract DBALL: 0x088BeBef4e371757509E64d3508B6Da6F376e2ac

🔻[OLD] Contract NFT DBALL (DBC): 0x53fCeC3dA3ACbb0AA05da1f3ecbCd908D62e1a07

🔻[OLD] Contract NFT Item (DBI): 0xe3C64e41a9a42977472b5915a324791a333F5dF

✅New Token Name: Drakeball Super

✅New Token Symbol: DBS

✅New Token Contract: 0xFE006Dc583ab09b0b67a69cBC398b45F04815566 The Swap Gate is under 1:1 ratio is opening on our website: https://cryptodball.io/exchange

✅SBALL Contract: 0xbd50dd443d4ca24079bc2639b7114657638fff52

✅SBALL Character (SNFT): 0x38E89b44B0100b7dA3e1Be3f6B03cf23E85B051F

✅SBALL Reward Pool: 0x0f860Fa47f29154b9E54c8Ed35140bee0716254D

✅NBALL Contract: 0x7b3af021689dbf529b115cadd00891ff21b061e2

✅NBALL Character (NNFT): 0x1fbE103B1Db9ADB3137EC79F2Ab7831F1f1A04D8

✅NBALL Reward Pool: 0xd67F0dF4Fa9ED41D7Cc346a175bb123104eE19a0

📣DBS Farming Pool Contract updated:

✅LPBNB DBSCONTRACT: 0x40519820Ff65e82814f8bA4696793b258887DF97

✅DBS_MASTERCHEF: 0xf968cf66e2cA697f9A47e8dA16B1744a5b5c7071

✅DBS_FARM_REWARD: 0xc2FcC9f0f152E968648795c67DEEdC539B1b90eD

🥞Trading pair for Pancakeswap:



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