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Let's check out DrakeBall Super Ecosystem Hub - a combination of completely NFT Game + Defi Protocols to build the best GAMEFI ever
DBSSwap DEX: is a decentralized exchange powered by Pancake Swap v2, the most popular DEX on Binance Smart Chain network. It has been deeply tested and has proven the credibility and stability. By using Drakeball Super Swap DEX, users can easily swap BNB and other tokens on BSC to DBS. Users can also use our DEX to add liquidity and used in Farming mode
DBS Staking and Farming: is where you can stake DBS or DBS liquidity pair to earn daily reward by DBS. These pools is like give your character a training course which will have different period. The longer the training course (staking lock-up duration), the higher the APR.
DBS NFT Gamebox: In our Gamebox, many NFT Game will be released here, include Play-to-earn game, free-to-earn game, minigame,… which requires NFTs to join and play and have more income.
Collectibles NFT Farming: makes NFT collectibles even more valuable. By staking your Drakeball Super NFTs, you will be able to earn $DBS.
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