How to buy DBS?

How to buy DBS on PancakeSwap?

1. Create a Metamask wallet. Set up and deposit funds into a wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

2. Add funds for the Gas fees. To use BSC, you will need to purchase a small amount of Binance Coin (BNB) to use for gas fees.

3. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap by clicking the "connect" button in the top right corner and selecting your wallet from the pop-up list.

4. Click select currency and Search the DBS token. If you can't find it put the Contract Address of the DBS token: 0xfe006dc583ab09b0b67a69cbc398b45f04815566

5. Review settings. You can change the specifications of their trade, such as slippage tolerance and the transaction deadline, once you've finished setting the number of tokens you're buying.

6. Swap! Finally, press the "Approve" button to confirm the transaction. This will result in a pop-up reviewing the overall asset transfer on your wallet. Once approved, hit the swap button on PancakeSwap and your transaction is complete.

7. You can now Breed your new planet Characters with your DBS.

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